Aviton GPS

Aviton GPS is one of the most affordable in car GPS navigation system available for cars today. It is quite hard to find information about the device on the net because it is manufactured by a Russian company that specializes in communications system and electronics equipment. While Aviton may not have that much visibility as other GPS manufacturers like Garmin and TomTom, they have been in the business for over 10 years already so you can trust the quality of the Aviton GPS navigation device.

Their GPS system is called the Aviton AZ281MA GPS which features a 3.5 inch wide screen display, 64 MB RAM, and 1927 MB of non-volatile MLC memory. It uses a dual core Atlas III as processor which ensures very quick responses when inputting commands. It has a mini USB port that can be used to update the maps in the device. It also has an SD card slot for an expandable memory. Its rubberized body also contains a stylus that can be used to operate the device and a headphone jack. The package also contains the suction mount that is attached to the windshield or dashboard, the unit cradle, the dashboard mounting disk, the car charger adaptor, the USB cable, the mini DVD which contains manuals and backups of maps, a quick start guide, and the warranty statement.

Aviton GPS uses the iGo navigation software that provides both 2D and 3D mapping to provide an accurate perspective of the streets. You can actually see your car moving on the display as you are driving. It includes the maps of all the 50 states of US and also maps of Puerto Rico and Columbia. It also has an auto-route feature that will provide a new route whenever you digress from the original suggested route. However, you cannot immediately cancel a route in progress. While it has an audible voice prompt that you can follow while driving, it doesn’t have a text-to-speech converter so it cannot really announce particular street names, just generic directions.

So if you are looking for an affordable GPS navigation system for your vehicle that isn’t that overly expensive but is reliable enough for travelling utility, the Aviton GPS is the best bang for the buck unit for you.


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